Single-Ply Roofing South Bend, Indiana

If you are in need of an economically feasible roofing system for your South Bend, Indiana property, call Miller’s Roofing at 574-312-4274 and ask about the single-ply roofing system that will work best for you.

Miller Roofing is Committed

Miller’s Roofing’s is committed to our customers throughout Indiana. We work at exceeding industry standards in all the different roofing applications we do, especially in single-ply roofing.  Our single-ply systems might be the best course of action for your roof replacement. If you are thinking about a reliable way to improve your roof and your building is located in or around South Bend Indiana, Miller Roofing has the kind of experience you can trust.

What is Single-ply?

Single Ply roofing membranes come in two main color options – black and white. There are reasons and advantages for both. Each provide outstanding flexibility and both handle UV radiation well.  Single-ply membranes are made out of two different materials – the most common are thermosets and thermoplastics.


  • synthetically derived rubber polymers
  • might be known as EPDM or CSPE or Neoprene


  • plastic-based material
  • usually called PVC or TPO

Is Single-Ply Roofing Right for My Property?

All of our single-ply roofing options offer excellent performance in all types of weather, even extremely powerful weather conditions. All single-ply products we use are typically lightweight and come in a variety of strengths and durability grades. All of our synthetics single-ply roofing systems have great resistance to storms and UV radiation.

After you call us to do your free roof assessment, one of our team members will inspect your roofing system and determine which of our single-ply options will work best for your unique needs.  If for some reason a single-ply roofing system is not the best option, our team is also highly experienced in the following roofing systems and services:

  • Commercial roof repairs and replacements.
  • Commercial roof inspections and roof maintenance
  • Metal roof installation and replacement
  • Flat roof installation and replacement

Miller Roofing can do it all. We take pride in the work we do and our customers’ opinions matter to us. If you haven’t already scheduled your free assessment with Miller Roofing to see about our many single-ply roofing options, call us at (574) 312-4274. We’re always happy to hear from you.