Single-Ply Roofing – Bristol, IN

Single-ply roofing systems continue to be one of the most common choices for commercial and industrial buildings across the country as well as throughout Bristol, IN. While there are several main types of single-ply roofing systems, they are all excellent options for our climate and have proven their strength and durability season after season. At Miller Roofing, we have spent the last decade working hard for our customers so that they can always have a reliable commercial roof atop their building. Whether you are looking at having a new roof installed or an old roof replaced and are wondering about your single-ply roofing options, or if your current single-ply roof needs service, the expert roofers at  Miller Roofing are ready to help you and your roof. Give us a call at (574) 312 – 4274.

Get Informed

There are quite a few choices when it comes to single-ply roofing systems and there are several that are the main and most common. These are TPO, PVC, and EPDM or rubber. It’s good to know all the details about each type of roofing system so that you can be certain you are getting the one best suited for your needs.

  • TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofs are durable and highly resistant to chemicals and grease and they are naturally white which means they can help your building to be more energy efficient.
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roofs are incredibly flexible and are also resistant to chemicals and other natural hazards such as wind and water, PVC roofs come in a variety of colors.
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) roofs, also known as rubber roofs, have been one of the most popular single-ply roofing options for decades. These roofs are one of the most affordable choices and can last for decades with proper installation and maintenance. They are fire resistant and are one of the easier roofs for repair and maintenance. They come in black or white.

These are just a few of the traits of the most common single-ply roofing options, when you need all the information, we’re just a phone call away and we will help you make the best decision for your building and your budget!

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When you need help with your single-ply roofing system in Bristol, IN, turn to the professionals at Miller Roofing. We are honored to be the company your neighbors continue to call on and we bring the needed expertise to every roof we work on. From small repairs to full roof replacements, your roof will be in the finest hands when you call on us. Call today at (574) 312 – 4274.