Rubber Roof Repair Mishawaka, IN

Rubber roofs are known for being a low-maintenance and durable roofing solution. However, some small repairs may be necessary. Rubber roofs can be punctured by falling branches, or the membrane may start to bubble/crack. Miller Roofing has years of experience in repairing rubber roofs. For a free onsite roof evaluation, clients in Mishawaka, IN can reach us at (574) 312-4274.

Choose The Right Company

While the process of repairing a rubber roof is usually quite simple, diagnosing the issue(s) is another thing. When a rubber roof starts to leak, it can be difficult to find where the water is getting in through the roof. At Miller Roofing, our roofing technicians are experts at rubber roof leak detection. Our comprehensive rubber roof repairs will have your roof as good as new.

Roof Inspections

Having your roof inspected a couple times per year is highly recommended. When our team at Miller Roofing comes to inspect your roof, they’ll be able to patch up any problems before they have time to develop. This way, you won’t be dealing with water damage on the interior of your building. We’ll check for problems in you rubber roof’s membrane, loose flashing, and separation at the seams.

There’s a chance that your rubber roof was installed wrong. If the contractor that installed your rubber roof did not use the correct drip edge or if the drip edge was not installed the right way, then water will not drain from your roof properly. This can lead to ponding water which can cause leaks. Another sign that your rubber roof was installed incorrectly is wrinkles in the membrane. Wrinkles can cause serious issues when they are in close proximity to a seam.

Roof Restoration

Miller Roofing can restore your rubber roof by applying a roof coating. This way, you won’t need to keep dealing with new leaks popping up if you have a problem roof. We’ll apply a seamless membrane to the top of your existing roof to block off the elements.

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Miller Roofing offers a wide range of roofing services, including rubber roof repairs. We provide free onsite estimates. Clients in Mishawaka, IN in need of a rubber roof repair or any other type of service can reach us at (574) 312-4274.