Rubber Roof Repair La Porte IN

If your rubber roof is currently experiencing any leaking, it is important to give a professional roofing contractor a call as soon as possible. At Miller Roofing, we’d be happy to be the contractor you turn to for your rubber roof repair needs in La Porte, IN. When a leak is left unattended, damage can spread quickly underneath the membrane, causing structural damage, mold, and destroyed insulation before it even shows signs on the ceiling. So don’t let the damage add up, instead, give our team a call at 574-312-4274 and we’ll send one of our trusted team members to come to your facility and fix up your rubber roof!

Rubber Roofing Substrates

Rubber roofing systems are one of the most popular options in the commercial roofing world. While they are affordable, dependable, and easy to install, they also come with a handful of issues. But don’t be deterred, all other roofing substrates have their downfalls as well. With rubber roofs, some of the most common problems you might face are:

  • UV Damage/Weathering – Due to its dark surface, rubber roofs do not reflect UV rays and instead absorb them. This can cause damage to the membrane
  • Separating at Seams – One of the most common issues is the seams of rubber roofs become weakened, allowing water to infiltrate.
  • Cracks, blisters, punctures – Many elements can cause damage to your roof. From excessive foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, to a tree branch, all of these can provide problems that need resolved quickly.
  • Pooling water – because of the flat surface of a rubber roof, if the water does not drain off after 48 hours, it can cause deterioration to the membrane.

If you’ve noticed any of these on your rubber roof, it’s best to call a professional as soon as possible.

The Repair Process

When you work with our team at Miller Roofing, the process is quick and painless. It starts by you calling our office at 574-312-4274 and requesting a rubber roof repair inspection. At the agreed upon time, our technician will arrive at your La Porte, IN facility and thoroughly check your rubber roof. They’ll then present you with repair solutions that will resolve any problems you’re current facing, and any spots they foresee being an issue in the future. Once you agree to have our team complete the work, we’ll be on the job at the agreed upon time and work diligently to repair your roof with minimal disruptions. We are efficient and professional, and the entire process will be smooth!

To get started, please call 574-312-4274. We’d be happy to help you.