Roof Inspection South Bend, Indiana

Having your roof on a regular inspection program is vital to it’s success.  They keep your commercial or industrial unit functioning at its best and address minor problems before they can turn into large headaches.  They also are required to keep your warranty intact.  But what if you haven’t had your roof inspected regularly?  Don’t worry, it isn’t too late.  Call the expert team at Miller Roofing to schedule a professional roof inspection.  The first inspection is always free!  You can reach our office at 574-312-4274.

The Importance of Inspections

After you had your roof installed, did you think you wouldn’t have to worry about it for the next 20 years or more?  It’s a very common misconception, and one we’re here to help change.  Roofs are not set it and forget it assets.  They require regular routine maintenance to make sure they are functioning as they should be, and to keep your warranty valid.

It is suggested by industry studies that you have your roof on a regular inspection program, with inspections occurring at least twice a year.  The time of year that is suggested is after the harshest weather seasons.  In South Bend, Indiana, you should have your roof inspected during the Spring – after winter has dumped snow, ice, and blistering cold temperatures at your roof.  You should also have it inspected in the Fall – after Summer’s heat.

It is important to note that those are not the only times you should have your roof inspected, those are just your yearly “check ups.”  If you notice any leaking with your roof, or anything that is out of the ordinary, it is best to call a professional immediately.  You should also call after any severe weather blows through town to make sure your roof held up properly through the storm.  If it didn’t, have no worries.  The Miller Roofing team will be happy to help you with your insurance claim.

Where to Begin?

All it takes is a phone call to the Miller Roofing office at 574-312-4274 to begin your roof maintenance program today.  We’ll be happy to get your roof back in shape and help you keep it that way.