Roof Inspection Gary IN

If you own a commercial or industrial property, you likely don’t think about your roof until there’s problem. Obvious signs like water spots, or the sound of water dripping are the times you call a professional commercial roofing contractor. However, your roof could be experiencing problems without you even being aware of it. Behind the scenes it could be causing damage to insulation, mold, structural damage, and more.

We would like to offer you peace of mind by offering a professional roof inspection for your Gary, IN property. To learn more, call 574-312-4274.

The Value of Regular Roof Inspections

As mentioned above, there are many issues that can be hidden behind the scenes if you do not have your roof regularly inspected. While you might not think that won’t happen to your facility, we’d like to share a startling industry statistic. Roofs that do not have regular inspections and maintenance can see their lifespan cut in half.

Your roof was a sizable investment for your company, we don’t want that to go to waste. With a regular inspection plan, you can see the following benefits:

  • Provides detailed report of roofs status, which comes in handy during an insurance claim
  • Stabilizes insurance costs
  • Improves ROI
  • Roof repairs are cheaper as problems are caught in their early stages

But one more important thing about regular roof inspections is they keep your warranty valid. Most manufacturing companies have inspection requirements. In the event that you did not follow their terms, you could be faced with a denied claim if your materials fail.

Ready to Start With a Roof Inspection?

If you currently have damage to your facility and would like a professional roof inspection, or if you are interested in learning about our regular inspection plans, call 574-312-4274. We would be honored to provide your Gary, IN property with the expertise and tools needed to help your roof stand the test of time. It all starts with a call to our team, then we’ll show you the Miller Roofing difference with our knowledge and professionalism.

We look forward to your call.