Roof Coating Mishawaka, IN

A roof coating is quickly becoming one of the most popular roofing solutions on the market. This inexpensive service fully restores a roof so business owners can avoid a full roof replacement. The application process is easy and non-disruptive so you won’t need to temporarily shut down your business. Miller Roofing specializes in applying roof coatings for clients in Mishawaka, IN. Call us today at (574) 312-4274 for a free onsite estimate.

The Benefits

As mentioned above, a roof coating can restore an aging roof back to new. However, there are several other benefits. Roof coatings work great on commercial buildings because they are fire-resistant, seamless, and reflect the sun’s rays to make your building more energy-efficient. This environmentally-friendly solution will save you plenty of money on cooling bills over the years.

Aside from these advantages, we have to mention the versatility of a roof coating. It works on just about any type of commercial roof. Plus, roofs can be recoated multiple times. This lightweight layer won’t add any more stress to the structure of your building.

Restore, Don’t Replace!

Sure, a full roof replacement is sometimes the best option. That being said, at Miller Roofing we know that the majority of full roof replacements are unnecessary with the modern restoration services that are now available. Restoring your roof with a roof coating can be just as effective as a full roof replacement with several added benefits. This includes being cheaper, less disruptive, and more environmentally-friendly.

Whether your roof is PVC, TPO, rubber, metal, etc., a roof coating is a fine option. At Miller Roofing, our team of experienced roofing technicians will give you their honest advice on the top roofing solutions for your specific commercial roof. After, we’ll put together a customized roofing plan that suits your business perfectly so you won’t need to worry about your roof again for years to come.

Call Us Today!

Clients in Mishawaka, IN that are interested in a roof coating should call us today at (574) 312-4274. After learning more about this service and receiving a free no-obligation estimate, you’ll understand why a roof coating is such a supreme choice for a commercial roof. Our roof coatings come equipped with non-prorated warranties that cover both labor and materials so you know you’ll get exactly what you pay for.