Commercial Restoration

“Roof replacement” are two words that can inspire stress for any building owner. What many don’t know, however, is that commercial roof restoration is possible in many, many cases, delaying the need for roof replacement by years.

Within the roofing industry, statistics show that roofs are replaced prematurely as much as 70-80 percent of the time, which is simply an outrageous number. The two most likely reasons for such a statistic are, of course, a building owner improperly caring for a roof and neglecting routine maintenance, thus accelerating the roof’s degradation, and roofing companies advising roof replacement when it isn’t truly necessary. Miller Roofing can help you avoid both occurrences with topnotch maintenance and repair services along with honest, expert roofing assessments.

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A Premium Solution

One of our specialties at Miller Roofing is installing roof coating systems manufactured by Conklin. Roof coatings are an outstanding solution that can fix all of a roof’s problems and add years to the life of an existing roof.

The many benefits of Conklin roof coating systems include:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified roofing solution
  • Class A fire resistance on combustible and noncombustible roofing decks
  • Forms a fully adhered, seamless, waterproof membrane
  • Ability to expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures
  • Exceptional flexibility, which offers continued resistance to cracking, bubbling, chipping and other damage
  • Up to 85 percent solar reflectivity, which helps lower cooling costs
  • Up to Class 4 hail protection and certified resistance to hurricane-force winds
  • Up to 18 years of non-prorated warranty coverage on both labor and materials
  • Roof can be recoated for indefinite life extension
  • And more!

Miller Roofing offers free, no-obligation roof assessments to ascertain the condition of your commercial roof and pinpoint any problems. Our knowledgeable roofing technicians can expertly assess the condition of your existing roof and determine whether it is a good fit for a roof coating system.

Call on the Team You Trust

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