Flat Roof Replacement South Bend, Indiana

Having you been searching for the perfect company to complete your flat roof replacement project?  If you’re located in or around South Bend, Indiana, give Miller Roofing a call!  You can reach us at 574-312-4274.  We have a large selection of roof replacement services, and with over a decade of experience in commercial roofing, you can rest assure that you’re in the best hands!  Our highly trained staff is prepared to go above and beyond for your project to make sure it is a success.  So when the time comes to have your commercial roof replaced, there’s no need to panic when Miller Roofing is on the job!

Issues that Lead to Replacement

Compared to other roofing systems, flat roofs are relatively easy to install and cost less per square foot.  If properly cared for, they can last for decades.  However, at some point problems will develop and if not handled quickly and correctly, your roofs performance can be impacted.  A few of the more common issues that lead to roof replacement include:

  • Ponding water on the roofs surface
  • Pooling water under the roof membrane
  • Heavy storm damage
  • UV Damage
  • Cracks or blisters
  • Punctures or tears

The good news is if you notice any of these problems quickly enough, a minor repair should be the only thing necessary to get your roof back on track.  Unfortunately, if you let these minor damage areas grow, they can greatly impact the functionality of your roof.  This not only becomes a headache, it becomes costly as well!

Restoration Might Be Possible!

In some cases, your roof might not need to be replaced and instead it could be restored.  Roof coatings are a great alternative to traditional roof replacements.  They can breathe new life into your old, worn roof.  They are seamless and water-tight, and they’re applied directly over your existing unit- no need for a complete tear off of your old roofing system!  The best part is they are ENERGY STAR rated and reflect up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays.

Not all roofs are eligible for a restorative roof coating, so give Miller Roofing a call to see if it’s an option for you.  You can reach us at 574-312-4274.  We look forward to helping you!