Flat Roof Replacement Granger, IN

More often than not, flat roofs can be repaired or restored rather than needing to be replaced. There are times, though, when flat roof replacement is your best option. If you’ve been told that you might need flat roof replacement in Granger, IN, there are ways that you can cut back on your replacement expenses and gain a superior roof in the process. Miller Roofing installs replacement roofs of all types. Give us a call today for a free estimate on your roofing project at (574) 312-4274.

Don’t Wait

One of the fastest ways to rack up the expenses associated with flat roof replacement is by putting it off. Delaying your roof replacement can cause further damage that can be even more costly and time-consuming than the initial replacement may have been. Scheduling a roof inspection at the first sign of a problem can prevent further damage from happening. If a professional roofer has not yet told you that your roof does, indeed, need to be replaced, then there may be other, easier and more affordable, solutions.

Roof Replacement Alternatives

It is estimated that 70-80% of all roofs are replaced prematurely. Replacement is often not the best option for building owners, and a roof restoration may be less costly and still just as effective. Roof coating creates a waterproof, seamless barrier that protects your roof from damage and extends the life of your current roof by years.

Think Long-Term

Different roofs have different insulation factors. Choosing a roofing system that has a higher

R-Value can save you money in the long run. A roofing system that has a higher R-Value or is ENERGY STAR certified will save you money on heating and cooling bills. Some roof coatings can pay for themselves in just seven years with the energy savings.


Your roof replacement in Granger, IN should come with a warranty that covers both materials and labor. An excellent warranty can save you money in the future should anything ever happen with your roof.

Miller Roofing offers a wide variety of affordable, energy-efficient, high-quality roofing solutions. Don’t put it off. Call to schedule your roofing inspection today to get informed about your roof and your options. We can save you money and provide you with an excellent roofing experience so call us now at (574) 312-4274.