Flat Roof Repair Granger, IN

Do you know the condition of your flat roof? Maybe you answered that your flat roof is in good shape. Maybe you think that flat roof repair in Granger, IN could benefit you. Lastly, you may think that your flat roof is in such poor condition that it needs to be replaced. All of these answers have one thing in common: uncertainty. Let a professional take a look at your flat roof and give you a clear-cut picture of what you are dealing with today by calling Miller Roofing at (574) 312-4274 for a free assessment of your commercial roof.

My Flat Roof Probably Needs To Be Replaced

If you have put off your flat roof repair in Granger, IN because you fear the worst, there’s a good chance that your roof is in better condition than you might think. Did you know that studies have shown that as many as 70-80% of roofs are replaced far before they even need to be? At Miller Roofing, if your flat roof can be repaired or restored, we will work hard to fix it rather than suggest replacement. But there’s only one way to know for sure and that is with an inspection.

My Flat Roof Could Use Some Repairs

While you may fall into the category of clients that we deal with whose commercial flat roof is, indeed, in need of repairs, things still might not be quite like they appear. Flat roofs are durable and strong and are a perfect choice for most commercial buildings, but they do have a few common issues. If your flat roof shows any of these signs, there may be bigger problems to deal with than you think.

Signs Your Flat Roof Needs Repairs

  • Leaks
  • Discoloration or stains on the interior walls and ceiling
  • Cracks, blisters, or punctures in the membrane
  • Separation of the seams of the membrane
  • Loose flashing
  • Damage from storms or aging
  • Ponding water

If your roof has any of these signs, schedule an inspection now. These issues can quickly become problems that do call for replacement.

My Flat Roof Is In Good Condition

Many of the clients that we see understand that what you see isn’t always what you get. Their flat roof appears to be fine, but they know that only a skilled and trained professional can know for sure. If you don’t see any issues with your flat roof that cause you concern, now is the perfect time to get started with a routine maintenance plan. Miller Roofing can come out and inspect your flat roof and make sure that there are no hidden issues that need to be addressed before they become more costly repairs. We can then keep an eye on your flat roof for you so that you won’t have to anymore. Knowing that your flat roof is in good hands will give you peace of mind.

If you suspect that you need flat roof repair in Granger, IN, call Miller Roofing today. We offer a wide variety of flat roof repair options that include waterproofing and energy-efficient solutions and a non-prorated warranty that covers 100% of materials and labor. We repair all types of flat roofs so call today at (574) 312-4274 to schedule that inspection. You deserve to know what’s going on with your flat roof.